I’m always busy, and I neglect this site. I know that. So let’s try to get back to it with some photos! I may have posted some of these before, but these are some of my favorites, so I am sharing again.

Nina, Cougar.

Nina 0836

I love her facial expressions…

Nina 0856

…and her eyes.
Nina 2162

Nina 2677

Nina 2738

Red, Eastern Screech Owl.

Red 4627

He’s so amazing.

Red 4643

China, Snow Leopard.

China 1458 (thumb)

One of the most beautiful creatures on the earth, in my opinion…

China 2202 (thumb)

China 5867 (thumb)

What a stunner.

China 7456 (thumb)

More photos to come =)

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My Views

I feel the need to write this due to some recent media coverage of Mill Mountain Zoo. I apologize for the length and for any graphic content. First, let me explain the situation. Mill Mountain Zoo was visited by protesters this past weekend. The group wants to shut down the zoo and all zoos because they object to animals in captivity. They want to send the animals to a sanctuary to live out their days. I have been volunteering for Mill Mountain Zoo for over 6 years now. I volunteer graphic design and art services, I work directly with our education animals and go on outreaches and speak to groups about our animals. I lead tours; I’ve helped with grounds work, etc. I’m also a member of the zoo’s Development Committee, the Roanoke Valley American Association of Zoo Keepers, the national group of the American Association of Zoo Keepers, and I’m a member of the National Zoo as well. In addition, I work locally to practice Trap-Neuter-Return with feral cats and I manage (feed & water daily, pet and love on those who have warmed up to me, and take to the vet when necessary) several feral cats. I volunteer for some other animal oriented organizations as well and I work to help local stray animals as I can. I LOVE doing all these things. I’m only stating all this because I think it may be relevant in regards to what I am about to say.

I respect someone who believes in a cause and stands up for it, but I do NOT respect those who spread false accusations. Mill Mountain Zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Accreditation is a rigorous process and every single aspect of the zoo (including animal welfare, vet care, enclosure space, finances, safety practices, the staff quality, record keeping, etc.) is reviewed before accreditation is approved. This entire process happens again every five years. However, there are a variety of inspections that occur throughout those five years as well. It is incredibly difficult to become accredited and to stay accredited. There are currently only 224 AZA accredited zoos worldwide. According to the AZA’s website, fewer than 10% of the approximately 2,800 animal exhibitors licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture are AZA accredited. The zoo must keep up with ever evolving practices to stay accredited. For more information on the AZA accreditation process, please visit:

So the protesters say they want to shut down all zoos and put the animals from those zoos into sanctuaries because they don’t believe animals should be kept captive. What exactly do they think sanctuaries are? I’d really like to know because ANIMALS IN SANCTUARIES ARE CAPTIVE ANIMALS. Do they expect animals in sanctuaries to roam around free in some fairytale setting and live harmoniously with human caretakers? I honestly believe if our zoo’s name was Mill Mountain Sanctuary rather than Mill Mountain Zoo, the protesters wouldn’t protest us. I believe it all comes down to one word: zoo vs. sanctuary. Here is the problem. You cannot lump all zoos into one group and all sanctuaries into a different group. I know of many so-called “sanctuaries” that were nothing but horrible breeding facilities. I know of other “sanctuaries” that were created by well-intentioned people who genuinely wanted to help animals, but who did not have the knowledge of animal care or business skills to keep their “sanctuary” operational. These sanctuaries close and their animals have to be shipped to other facilities if they have survived at all. Yes, there are some wonderful animal sanctuaries out there, but there are also wonderful zoos out there. Mill Mountain Zoo IS in fact a sanctuary to many animals. I found it very ironic that the protesters posted a photo of the zoo’s Eastern Screech Owl exhibit online and inferred that it was a far cry from the wild because there aren’t many branches in the enclosure. The irony lies in the fact that the screech owls in that enclosure and all of the zoo’s screech owls were injured in the wild and deemed non-releasable. That’s how they came to live at the zoo. They needed a home because they could not survive on their own in the wild after their injuries. The owls in the enclosure photographed by the protesters each lost an eye from their accidents in the wild. Due to their injuries, it is not ideal for the owls’ habitat to be cluttered with lots of branches. Multiple animals who call the zoo home were either injured in the wild and could not be released, were previous pets whose owners could no longer take care of them for some reason or another, or were confiscated by authorities because they were illegally owned as pets. Mill Mountain Zoo is an amazing sanctuary and home to these creatures who desperately needed one. The alternative was euthanasia, and I am incredibly glad that option was not chosen for the animals’ sakes. It would have been wonderful if the protesters bothered to initiate a conversation with the zoo before spreading their accusations. I prefer to take the time to do my research BEFORE I come to a conclusion on whether or not to support or object a cause, business, institution, or ideal.

The animals at Mill Mountain Zoo who were not injured in the wild or former pets or illegally owned were born in captivity. AZA zoos participate in Species Survival Programs to maintain a captive population of threatened and vulnerable animals. Animals are disappearing from the planet at an alarming rate due to extreme and increasing threats from a variety of factors including climate change, environmental degradation, invasive species and most of all: humans. Zoos and captive breeding programs are responsible for bringing back species who were declared extinct in the wild – meaning a species had been nearly entirely wiped out in the wild and the last remaining individuals were taken into captivity to try and institute a captive breeding program in order to eventually reintroduce the species into the wild. Black-footed ferrets, Przewalski’s horses, and red wolves are just a few example species that zoos and captive breeding programs have helped reintroduce to the wild after being declared extinct in the wild. Zoos do breed some animals without releasing them into the wild as well. If an animal’s natural habitat is not well protected from threats, there is no point in releasing captive born animals into the wild just yet. Before any animals can be released, more work needs to be done to ensure that the animals will not be poached, will have sufficient food and water sources and habitat, etc. Zoos, therefore, maintain a captive population until such time that a species’ natural habitat is conducive for survival.

During a news interview, one of the protesters stated that animals should be able to live out their lives in the wild saying, “They are there to live their own life on their own terms.” That is an absolutely grand idea, and if the world were a perfect place, zoos may not be necessary. Animal shelters like your local humane societies and SPCA’s would not be necessary – IF the world were perfect. Sadly it is not. The problem with the statement is that animals are not able to live natural lives in the wild because of human interference. Humans are impacting animals’ lives in the wild everywhere. Three of the nine subspecies of tiger have gone extinct since the 1930’s. The Sumatran Tiger and South-China Tiger subspecies are currently Critically Endangered. One subspecies of leopard, the Amur leopard, has only an estimated 30 individuals living in the wild. Black Rhinos are Critically Endangered and one subspecies of rhino is already believed to be extinct. All of these animals that I’ve listed are big well known animals and they are still in extreme danger of becoming extinct. There are countless other lesser known animals who are also in critical danger of dying off the face of the planet forever. Accredited zoos are working to prevent this from happening by raising awareness, through captive breeding, and through massive conservation efforts. Humans have to live on this planet as well, but there are more of us than ever before and WE ARE AFFECTING OTHER SPECIES. In case you don’t believe me, here are some specific examples of how we humans negatively affect animals in the wild. This is graphic. Recently, National Geographic and many other news outlets reported on the death of Satao, a wild elephant famous for his huge tusks. Despite having special protections, Satao was still slaughtered by poison arrows and his face was HACKED OFF by poachers because his tusks were irresistible to them. (Read about Satao’s murder here.) Did this majestic animal live and die on his own terms? I think not. Sharks routinely have their fins cut off while they are alive to be used in shark fin soup. The sharks are thrown back into the ocean and left to drown or be eaten alive. Is this their idea of a natural wild life? No. Raccoon dogs are skinned alive for their fur. Snow leopards are persecuted for their fur and slaughtered in retaliatory killings for domestic livestock predation. The list goes on and on and on and on. Are these creatures asking to be murdered in horrific ways by humans? Is that their dream of life in the wild? Of course, the answer again is a resounding NO and although all of these animals are living in the wild, they are NOT living on their own terms because humans affect the wild too. If humans can interfere with how animals live in the wild and impact them in such a negative way that a species is threatened with extinction, then it is also the responsibility of humans to protect animals. That is exactly what accredited zoos are doing – protecting animals. Zoos don’t want to take every single animal into captivity and horde them away for some nefarious purpose. Without accredited zoos, black-footed ferrets, Przewalski’s horses, red wolves and a variety of other animals would already be extinct. Without accredited zoos, species of tigers, leopards, rhinos, frogs and too many animals to name will go extinct within the next few years. Mill Mountain Zoo should not be protested, it should be applauded. The protestors would better serve animals by supporting Mill Mountain Zoo and other accredited zoos and by working to help conservation efforts so that animals have safe and sustainable natural habitats in which to live.

To learn more about threatened species and the organization that determines a species’ threat level, check out this website. To learn more about the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, check out this website.

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Work Day at the Zoo

I’m working on some ads for the zoo and I needed to get some photos of a few specific animals. While I was there, I met our new Pallas Cat, Yeshi. He had a meal and I snapped some photos. It was a great first meeting!

Yeshi 3985

Yeshi 3986

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A Week

A week ago I was in North Carolina visiting the Conservators’ Center and the North Carolina Zoo and seeing Weezer in concert. I’m crossing my fingers that I can post photos soon. It was an amazing trip!

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Raptors Rock

I attended the Green Hill Medieval Faire and Highland Games this past Fall and although the entire event seemed fascinating, I primarily went to see this: Robb Herbst, “The Falconer of Phillpott Locke.” I was not disappointed.

It was an absolutely magnificent day.

Archery 6094

The park itself is beautiful.

Fair grounds 6111

The blue sky dotted with clouds made a beautiful backdrop for the mountains in the distance.

Fair grounds 6112

People-watching was very fun at this event. I loved seeing all the costumes and weaponry that people had with them.

Attire 6104

The bag pipers were totally awesome! I loved the clothing and the sounds!

Pipers 6085

There were a variety of vendors…

Stationer sign 6100

Tent 6091

Tent 6087

It’s fun to look at all the old-time goods.

Tent 6101

Tents 6076

Tents 6080

I also really liked the Medieval-looking tents.

Tents 6082

Tents 6105

Tents 6109

Tents 6113

Tents People 6102

I didn’t try out the archery and axe throwing, but I really would have liked to try it. Who wouldn’t?

Targets 6098

Look how sneaky that guy looks…I would have aimed for him, not the boar.

Targets 6096

Raptors anyone?

Tent 6089

Oh my wooooorrrrdddd. I was so excited to see the birds!!

Barn Owl 6065

This is a Eurasian Barn Owl and his name is Lenny. Isn’t he just absolutely gorgeous?

Barn Owl 6070

Mr. Herbst’s daughter and son were helping at the event. Lenny was being handled by Mr. Herbst’s daughter who was an extremely charming, intelligent, nice young lady. I really enjoyed speaking with her about the birds and what life is like with a father who is a Master Falconer. Lenny’s disc-shaped face helps filter sound to his ear slits.

Barn Owl 6071

It was a beautiful day, but it was very warm. Water misting helped keep the birds cool.

Barn Owl 6073

This is Amy. She is a Peregrine Falcon.

Peregrine 6043

I’m pretty sure she knows that she is gorgeous.

Peregrine 6044

Raptors have zygodactyl feet where two toes point forward and two point backward to help them perch. However, they can rotate one of their toes that points backward toward the front if needed.

Peregrine 6045

Peregrine 6047

Peregrine 6048

What a regal raptor.

Peregrine 6049

Raptors have excellent site to help locate prey.

Peregrine 6050

I believe Amy spotted something flying in the sky above her and she was checking it out. Peregrine falcons eat other smaller birds, so maybe Amy was feeling a bit hungry.

Peregrine 6051

Amy was being handled by Mr. Herbst’s son, and they both seemed very comfortable with each other.

Peregrine 6052

Peregrine 6054

Peregrine 6055

Peregrine 6056

This is a red-tailed hawk and I believe her name is Eleanor.

Red Tail Hawk 6057

Mr. Herbst was handling her. She is a large powerful bird.

Red Tail Hawk 6059

When I used to commute 50 miles to work everyday, I would always be on the lookout for these red tails on my drive. When the leaves are off the trees, they are very easy to spot along highways. Spotting these birds definitely made the long drive more fun.

Red Tail Hawk 6060

Those leather straps that you see on the birds’ feet are called jesses. They are a type of harness used in falconry. The leather is very soft so as not to damage the birds’ legs in any way.

Red Tail Hawk 6061

I hope you have enjoyed these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! Mr. Herbst and his family were so knowledgeable and accommodating. It was an absolute privilege to meet them and their amazing raptors!

Red Tail Hawk 6062

I had so much fun, I hope to attend the faire again this year!

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Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day0595

sorry this is a day late!

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Oh website…I’ve neglected you so long. I hope to return to you soon dear old friend. In the meantime, let’s celebrate!

TODAY is Bali’s birthday!!!
Bali Second Birthday

Tuesday was National Zoo Lover’s Day!
National Zoo Lovers Day

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Snow Fun

I had a blast at Mill Mountain Zoo last weekend taking photos of the animals in the snow. Some of the zoo’s animals are tropical and are moved to indoor holding areas during the winter, but many of our animals flourish in the cold snowy weather. Roanoke had almost two feet of snow fall over two days and the animals had a blast playing and romping in the white fluff.

Wolverine, Bo, thoroughly enjoyed romping in the snow, but he’s so fast I can’t get a decent photo of him. This is about the best I could get. It was really fun watching him play that day! Wolverines often live in cold snowy regions and are very used to icy snowy conditions, so Bo was right at home.

Bo 9289

The zoo’s African Pygmy goats may not originate from areas that receive much snow, but these creatures have adapted well and didn’t let it stop them from grabbing some lunch.

Goats 9813

Deagan Reid, the zoo’s male red panda, happened to be resting when I visited. He looked very comfortable in his hammock and didn’t mind at all that it still had some snow on it. That thick fur keeps these guys nice and cozy in the cold weather. Deagan spends pretty much all of his time outdoors even though he always has access to an indoor heated bunker. Neither rain, nor snow, nor frigid weather keeps him from spending time outdoors.

Deagan Reid 9279

After resting a bit, he got up to scent mark his territory. I don’t know if he was smelling his own scent in this shot or if he was smelling female Nova’s scent.

Deagan Reid 9691

I wish I had gotten video of our cinereous vultures hopping through the snow, but I chose to watch them rather than film. It was quite comical. I did take some still shots of both female Khana and male Ivan looking majestic on their perches.

Vultures 9328

Vultures 9330

Look at the amazing texture of their feathers. I love the pattern they make by overlapping each other. I think these vultures are stunningly beautiful.

Vulture 9352

I couldn’t help but snap a ton of photos of Jaden, the Eurasian Lynx. She was practically modeling.

Jaaden 9559

See all that long belly fur and those big paws? That fur keeps her warm during cold weather and those paws act as snowshoes to keep her from falling down through the snow as she walks. By staying on top of the snow, she’ll expend less energy. It amazes me how animals are developed to live in their climates.

Jaden 9510

Jaden 9520

Jaden 9535

Jaden 9557

Jaden 9561

Look at those eyes! They are so captivating!

Jaden 9631

Jaden 9639

Fishing Cat Moliah seemed happy to stay out of the snow and in her bed.

Moliah 9655

Again, I’m fascinated with the eyes!

Moliah 9657

Red wolf Colt was surveying his territory when I snapped these photos.

Colt 9473

Colt 9474

Colt 9481

He seemed a little confused by my presence, but went on about his business despite my playing “paparazzi.”

Colt 9482

These wolves are majestic, but I think he looks especially striking against the snowy background.

Colt 9483

Colt 9487

Colt 9489

Ohhhh Nina cougar always thrills me. This is what she was doing when I first approached. She LOVES to try and stalk you.

Nina 9372

Once she stalked me for a while, she went to look and see what the Cinereous Vultures were up to next door.

Nina 9394

Nina 9410

Nina 9421

Nina 9433

Her eyes are still a beautiful blue even though they usually turn green or yellow by around age two or three, and I believe Nina was born in 2005.

Nina 9420

This is one of our gray-phase screech owls who lost an eye from being hit by a car. Birds fluff up during cold weather to create air pockets between their feathers which helps to insulate them and keep them warm. Fascinating stuff, huh?

Screech owl 9387

And last, but certainly not least, beautiful Bali snow leopard. I couldn’t leave out the kings and queens of the snow!

Bali 9709

Male, Bali, and female, China, thoroughly enjoyed playing in the snow. Finally, Bali needed a break.

Bali 9729

He went to relax on his rock.

Bali 9743

And settled in for a nap after a long day of fun.

Bali 9748

Bali 9772

Bali 9784

Despite the cold, I could have stood there all day gazing into those eyes.

Bali 9775

Bali 9757

I eventually had to go home, but I left with a big smile. It always brightens my spirits to spend time with these amazing animals!

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RVSPCA’s Best in Show

These are my latest painting entries for the 2014 Roanoke Valley SPCA’s Best in Show Competition. This is Pepper, one of my parents’ dogs. He was a stray that came to their house and made friends with their other dog. He never left. My parent’s took him to the vet for a check up and adopted him and he is absolutely beautiful.

Pepper Pup 8783

This is my cat San. She’s a sweetheart and makes a great model.

Sanshine in Blue 8746

The 8th Annual Best In Show is scheduled for February 21, 2014. The show will be held in the atrium of the Taubman Museum of Art from 6:30-9:00 p.m. The exhibit is one night only, but the artwork will be featured on Facebook and the Roanoke Valley SPCA’s website: Artwork that is not sold during Best in Show will be available for purchase online through the end of March 2014. I hope you like these and can come see the show or follow it online!

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I am very thankful for all my loved ones including my fiance, family and friends. We got some massive snow over the last couple days, and my work shut down today and yesterday, so I got a wonderful Valentine’s present of a four day weekend!

I measured 21 INCHES of snow here – that’s right – nearly TWO FEET of snow. Now I like the snow and I’m glad to have some snow – even if it is a lot all at once. However, I do worry about the safety of people who have to be on the roads or out in the weather, and also for animals who are out in the weather. That being said, I can’t control the weather and I have to play in the snow while it is here!

This is my snow animal. It started off being a cat, but I think it looked more like a dog in the end. Either way, he was fun to make and you better believe that I ate some snow too!

Snow Animal 9142

Here is a look at my fiance’s snow covered car. The snow is really beautiful.

Snow Car 8956

Here is my fiance jumping off the porch into the powdery fluff. If I wasn’t recovering from the flu, I would have loved to jump around in the snow too.

Snow Jump 8898

Playing in and shoveling the snow makes you hungry, so I made a homemade heart shaped pizza for lunch today for myself and my sweetie. It was DE-LISH and really hit the spot!

Heart Pizza 9250

Stay safe and Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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