Autumn Conservation Festival

I recently went to the Autumn Conservation Festival at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Virginia. I have never gotten to go before, but have wanted to for several years. I’m SO thankful I was able to attend this year. It was pretty amazing. In my next few posts I’ll be posting some photos and info from that trip.

I actually took this photo when we were driving out, but this sign got me so excited when we were driving up to the festival! It welcomed us onto 3,200 acres of animal awesomeness!

The first animals we saw were these bison. My fiancé loves bison, and I do too, so I was really happy we were able to see these guys. Later during the day we were able to walk up and be even closer to them. These creatures are amazing, and I am in awe of their strength and power.

I loved watching them roll over. It made me want to rub their bellies…but I’m not stupid.

When we first got their, it was around 10am and the moon was still out. The changing trees made a gorgeous setting for the festival.

Much more to come later and a special day tomorrow!

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