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This sounds like a very interesting project. I have no affiliation with it at all, and have not researched it thoroughly, but it looks promising.

We want to custom build remote-triggered HD video cameras to record the secret lives of mountain lions in western Wyoming.
Launched: Sep 19, 2012
Funding ends: Oct 29, 2012

Craighead Beringia South is a prominent non-profit wildlife and research institute, dedicated to putting science to work for wildlife located in Kelly, Wyoming. There are several continuing research projects including the Teton Cougar project which was initiated in 2000 by Howard Quigley under the supervision of the Hornocker Wildlife Institute. In 2003 the Teton Cougar Project was transferred to Craighead Beringia South under the direction of Howard Quigley and Derek Craighead. This project uses trail cameras to study cougar foraging ecology, predation, interaction with wolves, bears and other species, in the Southern Yellowstone Ecosystem. To date, the TCP has radio-collared and marked more than 109 individual cougars documenting their territories, food habits and population dynamics. The study area is more than 2,300 kilometers and extends from Jackson Hole to the northern edge of the Grand Teton National Park and contains 12-14 resident adult cougars.

With your help, we would like to custom build remote triggered HD video cameras to document the unknown behavior of these resident cougars. The new technology will produce television quality footage which will enhance cougar research and educational programs to promote conservation.

Thank you!

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