Snakes Galore!

The Wildlife Center of Virginia has had two pretty amazing snake rescues recently. I wanted to share those here.

This is a pretty amazing story, but I think it also teaches us a valuable lesson. Glue traps and poisons are non-discriminatory. The glue traps affect whatever creatures happen to wander on to them and poisons not only affect animals that consume the poisons directly, but they can also affect those that feed on animals who have been poisoned. So if you have a problem animal, consider relocation by utilizing live humane traps, or by calling professionals to help you.

This second rescue includes a snake that was shot with two pellets. This makes me incredibly sad. There was NO reason for this snake to be used as a target and to needlessly suffer.

Snakes are pretty awesome creatures and should be respected. They provide lots of good services and we should value them. Just something to think about.

Happy Hopa

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