So WOW the last couple weeks have been C-R-A-Z-Y! I’m working to manage a colony of feral cats near my work, so I feed and water them daily, and on the weekends, I get up at 5am to go trap them so that I can get them vaccinated and fixed. A WONDERFUL friend (she is seriously a gift from God) is loaning me traps, and once I catch a cat, my friend overnights the animals before and after their trip to the vet (to get them fixed and vaccinated). The weekend before Easter I went trapping Saturday morning and I set up one trap where I normally catch my ferals, and then I went up the hill where I had heard another cat had been spotted hanging around for a few days. I spotted that cat sleeping on top of a fence, so I approached her and waved a can of fish in the air so she could get the smell. I assumed she would run from me, but I got closer and spoke to her and reached out my hand and she immediately cried out, stood up and rubbed her entire body all over my hand. She was so sweet and friendly. I showed her the fish and she jumped down off the fence and came running. I let her scarf down a bit before picking her up. I didn’t even have the trap out of my car. She just purred as I carried her over to my car, so I just opened the door and put her in. I don’t have power locks or anything, so I had to go around to the other side and unlock the other door so I could get to the trap and Socks just watched me from the inside of my car (I named her that because she is grey with white socks on her feet). She ended up going into the trap very easily by following the fish. So then Socks and I drove down to the other trap. I fed Socks a little more and let her eat for a few minutes. When I went to check the trap, there was a cat in it! I ended up calling that cat Midnight. I was so excited! The next day I trapped a third feline and named him Cool Joe. Socks ended up being a pregnant female, and Midnight and Cool Joe were males but they are all fixed and vaccinated now. That same weekend, I went up to the zoo to pick up some photos, and I used the photos to design a banner for the concession area. I know a lot more went on that weekend, but I’ll just sum it up by saying that I felt like I accomplished a lot.

The next weekend was Easter weekend, and I took a break from trapping. I didn’t get to see my family, but I got to talk with them, and I got to visit some adopted family that I haven’t seen for a while and that was awesome. =)

More animal shenanigans to come later…

Happy Hopa

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