Do you ever get a craving for a food and just think about that food daily (or almost daily) until you can eat it? I was doing that for about a week. I had a hankering for a good burger, and the best local place that I know of is Blues BBQ in downtown Roanoke. Although I don’t care for barbecue, I love this burger that they have called the Maverick, and I just get it without the barbecue sauce. It has bacon on it and I usually don’t care for bacon on my burgers. I’m just not much of a bacon girl, but Blues usually uses this sort of thick cut bacon and it’s chopped into very small pieces – not big greasy strips of bacon. And then the cheese is this shredded cheddar (I believe) and it’s melted all over the burger. Then it’s all on this awesome bun that reminds me of these authentic Italian buns I used to get back home in West Virginia. AND as if that wasn’t enough, they give you a big bunch of seasoned fries with the burger too. Let me tell you, those are some GOOD fries. OH. MY. GOODNESS.

Now on this particular day, I was really hungry, and I had a coupon I needed to use up, but I needed to spend $35 to be able to use the coupon which subtracted $25 from our total bill. So my fiance and I each ordered the Maverick and fries. We usually get sweet tea, which is really great there, but they just happened to be out that day, so I got root beer, and my fiance got Coke. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but even the root beer tastes better there.

So in order to use our coupon, we ordered some chili (sort of like an appetizer, and we knew we could take the leftovers home) and it was also AMAZING. I’m a cheese girl. I love me some cheese. The chili came with a thick layer of cheese melted over it and with tortilla chips on the side. My fiance LOVES chili and beans and things like that, and I’m just not as much into them. But I tasted this chili and it really was awesome. I want to go back sometime and just get the chili and maybe some root beer ::wink wink:: It had a really nice spicy but not too spicy flavor and big chunks of meat in it.

And because we still hadn’t reached $35 yet, we ordered a “Bag of Donuts” for dessert and just planned on taking them home to eat later. We usually get stuffed on just the burger and fries without the chili, so I knew we wouldn’t be able to handle the donuts. Well when the waitress brought them out, they were a platter full of hot donut holes covered in cinnamon and sugar, and included were caramel, strawberry, and chocolate dipping sauces. I know you are getting tired of this, but WOW. Of course, I had to try the donuts while they were hot, and I did try a couple of the dipping sauces, but I think the donuts were much better just by themselves. It was just a terrific meal. I wouldn’t suggest eating that way all the time, because it’s a lot of food, and it’s alot of fatty foods. However, sometimes it’s nice to splurge every now and then!

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