The Visitors: Part I

Earlier this summer, we had adventures with our first rattlesnake! We’ll call the snake a male, but it could very well have been a female. Regardless, I found him right outside our shed sprawled out on a garden hose.

Rattlesnake_C6_5074 (thumb)

I was walking towards the snake when I saw it. I thought, “Wow, a snake!” Then I thought how beautiful it was with it’s intricate markings, and I didn’t instantly recognize the species. My eyes wandered down to the velvety jet black tail and that’s when I noticed the rattles.

Rattlesnake_C6_5069 (thumb)

I got my husband who came out to see him and discuss what to do. We watched him for a little while until he moved into some wood pallets right nearby. We didn’t want to kill the snake because they serve an important purpose in the wild. However, he made us a little nervous being so close to our shed and our outside critters. We called a local biologist who owns an animal control company. The owner wasn’t able to visit us that evening, but luckily the snake stayed tucked in his pallet over night and the biologist came out early the next morning. He was very impressive and quickly had the live snake in his bucket, ready to be transported.

Rattlesnake_C6_5140 (thumb)

The snake will be used in training for others learning to handle venomous snakes. The two foot serpent was absolutely gorgeous. I couldn’t help but wonder if he had recently shed. It’s illegal to kill any snake in Virginia unless you are in imminent danger and I’m so happy the biologist was able to safely live capture him!  I think this was the best possible scenario where the snake gets to live and everyone involved stayed safe. I’m thrilled with how everything turned out. We just have to keep an eye out for others. Snakes will be migrating back to their dens soon so that they can spend the winters there. We live in an area with a large number of rattlesnakes, so we’ll be vigilant!

Rattlesnake_C6_5135 (thumb)

Rattlesnake_C6_5140 CLOSE (thumb)

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