Buds, Blossoms, and Blooms

I’ve not yet spent a year in my “new” house, but it’s been absolutely amazing to watch what each season brings with it. Being here and watching the greenery of Spring start to appear after a cold snowy winter has fascinated me. I don’t believe I’ve ever had the privilege of living around such biological diversity, from the native wildlife and plants, to the decadent flowers planted by humans. Early Spring brought these lovelies into view, and I can’t even identify all of them:

Fruit Tree Blossoms: I loved taking some of these photos on cloudy days just after a nice rain. Although the lighting may not have been perfect, the water glistening on the petals were so delicate and intriguing.

Flowers_C5_2901 (thumb)

Flowers_C5_3496 (thumb)

Flowers_C5_2929 (thumb)

Flowers_C5_2902 (thumb)

Tree Blossom
Flowers_C5_2856 (thumb)

Flowers_C5_3488 (thumb)

I’m not sure what kinds of bushes these are on, but when these bloomed, we had a sea of gold around the house. The flowers looked like as if they were full of sunshine.

Flowers_C5_2867 (thumb)

Flowers_C5_2869 (thumb)

Daffodil_C5_2388 (thumb)

Flowers_C5_5738 (thumb)

Flowers_C5_2436 (thumb)

Flowers_C5_2432 (thumb)

Tree Buds

Flowers_C5_3525 (thumb)

Wild Flowers

Flowers_C5_3649 (thumb)

Flowers_C5_4213 (thumb)

Wysteria and Sweet Shrubs

Flowers_C5_4506 (thumb)

Sweet Shrubs: these give off a very sweet smell.

Flowers_C5_5290 (thumb)


Flowers_C5_5233 (thumb)

Money Plants

Flowers_C5_4525 (thumb)

Flowers_C5_5613 (thumb)

Flowers_C5_5617 (thumb)

Blooms on a Bush

Flowers_C5_5270 (thumb)

Lovely Greenery

Flowers_C5_5295 (thumb)

Peach Blossoms

Peach Blossoms_C5_3625 (thumb)


Tulips_C5_4196 (thumb)

Dandelions: I don’t like mowing these because our pollinators need them!

Dandelions_C5_4208 (thumb)

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