Our “new” addition

Last year was a big year for me. Lots and lots happened. One of the best “happenings” of last year included a new bundle of joy. Meet my rescued rottie, Artemis.

Artemis_C4_9619 (thumb)

She looks imposing in that photo, no? She’s an absolute sweetheart with us.

I found her as a stray and she was in horrible shape. She was emaciated and suffered from heartworm and intestinal parasites. She had large wounds on her body and she reeked of urine and was caked in mud and probably other things. So my husband and I took her in. She’s been through surgery and heartworm treatment, and she’s finally all healed up!

She absolutely LOVES the snow and cold weather, so we had lots of fun with her in the recent snow storm. We sledded, and rolled around in the cold white fluff. She ran and played right along with us, and it was absolutely amazing. Enjoy these photos of our silly, loving, sweet little goofball!

Artemis_C4_9710 (thumb)

Time to play!!!

Artemis_C4_9634 (thumb)

Artemis_C4_9637 (thumb)

Artemis_C4_9678 (thumb)

Artemis_C4_9652 B (thumb)

She loves her toys. I’m so happy she has them.

Artemis_C4_9663 (thumb)

Throw it again!

Artemis_C4_9670 (thumb)

Hopping in the deep snow to go get the ball!

Artemis_C4_9680 (thumb)


Artemis_C4_9681 (thumb)

Got it!

Artemis_C4_9694 (thumb)

Artemis_C4_9700 (thumb)

Artemis_C4_9701 (thumb)

Artemis_C4_9702 (thumb)

Artemis_C4_9720 (thumb)

Time for a snow snack break!

Artemis_C4_9518 (thumb)

She was watching us to see if we were going to throw the ball again.

Artemis_C4_9542 (thumb)

I love that sweet face.

Artemis_C4_9554 (thumb)

Artemis_C4_9556 (thumb)

Peeking out of her house to make sure she’s not missing any excitement…

Artemis_C4_9547 (thumb)

Artemis_C4_9549 (thumb)

Artemis_C4_9552 (thumb)

This photo pretty much sums up our day!

Artemis_C4_9533 (thumb)

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