More photos from 2014

This is Bali, snow leopard. He’s kind of a ham. He loves attention and loves to play with his enrichments and toys!

Bali_C2_0545 (thumb)

Bali_C2_0568 (thumb)

Bali_C2_1569 (thumb)

Bali_C2_1572 (thumb)

This is Beatrix Kiddo, red panda. She was born at my zoo in June and is Archibald’s sister.

Beatrix_C3_8241 (thumb)

She’s pretty adorable. She was just beginning to learn to mouth bamboo when I shot these photos.

Beatrix_C3_8245 (thumb)

Momma, Nova, often checked on her little girl.

Beatrix_C3_8251 (thumb)

But Beatrix likes to explore…

Beatrix_C3_8258 (thumb)

Beatrix_C3_8275 (thumb)

Beatrix_C3_8289 (thumb)

Benjamin Bunny! Benjamin is a Flemish Giant Rabbit. He’s one of our education animals at the zoo. He’s extremely docile and relaxed. He’s great to work with.

Benjamin_C2_1562 (thumb)

Bo Wolverine is a very special creature. He was born with a heart issue and was pulled for some medical tests shortly after he was born to see if he needed any treatments. When he was placed back with his family, I believe it was his father who rejected him. So he was hand raised and is very used to people.

Bo_C3_4858 (thumb)

Bo_C3_4878 (thumb)

He injured one of his eyes and there is some fluid build up in that eye causing it to look milky white.

Bo_C3_4895 (thumb)

Even still, he seems full of energy and enthusiasm.

Bo_C3_8193 (thumb)

And here is one of our Burmese pythons, whose eyes appear milky for a different reason. He’s getting ready to shed. When snakes shed their skin, they also shed the scale that covers each eye. As the snake gets close to shedding, that scale starts to detach and appears a milky color. The science of these animals is fascinating!

Burmese Python_C3_4624 (thumb)

More photos yet to come!

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