Happy New Year!!

Over the next few days, I’m going to take a look back through some of my photos from 2014. Happy New Year!

Meet Archibald. He’s a red panda cub born at Mill Mountain Zoo in June 2014. He’s been hand-raised since he was just a couple days old because his mother favored her female cub and Archie wasn’t getting to eat.

Archie_C3_6595 (thumb)

Archie_C3_6597 (thumb)

Archie_C3_7015 (thumb)

Archie_C3_7076 (thumb)

Archie_C3_7099 (thumb)

Archie_C3_8039 (thumb)

Archie_C3_8042 (thumb)

This handsome fellow is Azizi whose name means “precious one” in Swahili. He’s a Savannah Monitor Lizard and one of the zoo’s education animals.

Azizi_C1_0608 (thumb)

Azizi_C1_0613 (thumb)

More photos to come over the next few days!

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