Snow Fun

I had a blast at Mill Mountain Zoo last weekend taking photos of the animals in the snow. Some of the zoo’s animals are tropical and are moved to indoor holding areas during the winter, but many of our animals flourish in the cold snowy weather. Roanoke had almost two feet of snow fall over two days and the animals had a blast playing and romping in the white fluff.

Wolverine, Bo, thoroughly enjoyed romping in the snow, but he’s so fast I can’t get a decent photo of him. This is about the best I could get. It was really fun watching him play that day! Wolverines often live in cold snowy regions and are very used to icy snowy conditions, so Bo was right at home.

Bo 9289

The zoo’s African Pygmy goats may not originate from areas that receive much snow, but these creatures have adapted well and didn’t let it stop them from grabbing some lunch.

Goats 9813

Deagan Reid, the zoo’s male red panda, happened to be resting when I visited. He looked very comfortable in his hammock and didn’t mind at all that it still had some snow on it. That thick fur keeps these guys nice and cozy in the cold weather. Deagan spends pretty much all of his time outdoors even though he always has access to an indoor heated bunker. Neither rain, nor snow, nor frigid weather keeps him from spending time outdoors.

Deagan Reid 9279

After resting a bit, he got up to scent mark his territory. I don’t know if he was smelling his own scent in this shot or if he was smelling female Nova’s scent.

Deagan Reid 9691

I wish I had gotten video of our cinereous vultures hopping through the snow, but I chose to watch them rather than film. It was quite comical. I did take some still shots of both female Khana and male Ivan looking majestic on their perches.

Vultures 9328

Vultures 9330

Look at the amazing texture of their feathers. I love the pattern they make by overlapping each other. I think these vultures are stunningly beautiful.

Vulture 9352

I couldn’t help but snap a ton of photos of Jaden, the Eurasian Lynx. She was practically modeling.

Jaaden 9559

See all that long belly fur and those big paws? That fur keeps her warm during cold weather and those paws act as snowshoes to keep her from falling down through the snow as she walks. By staying on top of the snow, she’ll expend less energy. It amazes me how animals are developed to live in their climates.

Jaden 9510

Jaden 9520

Jaden 9535

Jaden 9557

Jaden 9561

Look at those eyes! They are so captivating!

Jaden 9631

Jaden 9639

Fishing Cat Moliah seemed happy to stay out of the snow and in her bed.

Moliah 9655

Again, I’m fascinated with the eyes!

Moliah 9657

Red wolf Colt was surveying his territory when I snapped these photos.

Colt 9473

Colt 9474

Colt 9481

He seemed a little confused by my presence, but went on about his business despite my playing “paparazzi.”

Colt 9482

These wolves are majestic, but I think he looks especially striking against the snowy background.

Colt 9483

Colt 9487

Colt 9489

Ohhhh Nina cougar always thrills me. This is what she was doing when I first approached. She LOVES to try and stalk you.

Nina 9372

Once she stalked me for a while, she went to look and see what the Cinereous Vultures were up to next door.

Nina 9394

Nina 9410

Nina 9421

Nina 9433

Her eyes are still a beautiful blue even though they usually turn green or yellow by around age two or three, and I believe Nina was born in 2005.

Nina 9420

This is one of our gray-phase screech owls who lost an eye from being hit by a car. Birds fluff up during cold weather to create air pockets between their feathers which helps to insulate them and keep them warm. Fascinating stuff, huh?

Screech owl 9387

And last, but certainly not least, beautiful Bali snow leopard. I couldn’t leave out the kings and queens of the snow!

Bali 9709

Male, Bali, and female, China, thoroughly enjoyed playing in the snow. Finally, Bali needed a break.

Bali 9729

He went to relax on his rock.

Bali 9743

And settled in for a nap after a long day of fun.

Bali 9748

Bali 9772

Bali 9784

Despite the cold, I could have stood there all day gazing into those eyes.

Bali 9775

Bali 9757

I eventually had to go home, but I left with a big smile. It always brightens my spirits to spend time with these amazing animals!

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