Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I am very thankful for all my loved ones including my fiance, family and friends. We got some massive snow over the last couple days, and my work shut down today and yesterday, so I got a wonderful Valentine’s present of a four day weekend!

I measured 21 INCHES of snow here – that’s right – nearly TWO FEET of snow. Now I like the snow and I’m glad to have some snow – even if it is a lot all at once. However, I do worry about the safety of people who have to be on the roads or out in the weather, and also for animals who are out in the weather. That being said, I can’t control the weather and I have to play in the snow while it is here!

This is my snow animal. It started off being a cat, but I think it looked more like a dog in the end. Either way, he was fun to make and you better believe that I ate some snow too!

Snow Animal 9142

Here is a look at my fiance’s snow covered car. The snow is really beautiful.

Snow Car 8956

Here is my fiance jumping off the porch into the powdery fluff. If I wasn’t recovering from the flu, I would have loved to jump around in the snow too.

Snow Jump 8898

Playing in and shoveling the snow makes you hungry, so I made a homemade heart shaped pizza for lunch today for myself and my sweetie. It was DE-LISH and really hit the spot!

Heart Pizza 9250

Stay safe and Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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