I have SO many things to write about…but I’m sick. I have been absolutely down for the count for a week. I got a really bad cold and it has really just zapped my energy. I can tell I’m getting better, but it’s REALLY slow. I’ve been super busy over the last few weeks and I have tons of photos to post. I still have to post the rest of the photos from my trip to the Science Museum. Plus, I have photos from when I went to watch the Broad-winged Hawk migration recently (I had SO much fun!!!), and photos from my day spent at the National AAZK Conference. I shot some photos of an awesome praying mantis that was on my house a few days ago. I’ve got a special announcement to share, in addition to some recent design work, plus I wanted to share some photos of some exciting items I just purchased – please bare with me – sometimes I need to geek out. I’ve been volunteering a lot and I’ve got some info to post about that too. So just lots and lots of things going on. It’s taken me over an hour to write this simple little post because I discovered that a show about the migration of Broad-winged Hawks was on PBS – how perfect is that? So I had to watch it. Anyways, my last three days have mostly consisted of sleeping, and general laying around, so I’m totally behind on my work, house chores, volunteer work, and of course, updating the blog. I hope I start getting some energy back soon so that try to get back on top of things. Hopefully you’ll see some new photos soon! Thanks for your patience!

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