Science Museum of Western Virginia: Part 1

I visited the Science Museum of Western Virginia a few weeks ago and was really impressed. Center in the Square which houses not only the Science Museum, History Museum of Western Virginia, Mill Mountain Theatre, Roanoke Symphony Orchestra and several other organizations shut down for several months and was completely renovated and remodeled. I haven’t been in the other museums, but the lobby of Center in the Square and the new Science Museum are incredibly appealing. There are multiple aquariums in the lobby containing not only fish but jellyfish and seahorses as well. Several tablets are available enhance visitor interaction with the aquariums and each table contains information about the various fish on exhibit. There are also several screens on one wall that combine to form one giant screen. When I went, I was with a group and I didn’t get to spend quite as much time as I’d like to exploring the lobby, so I plan on going back to photo document even more. There were so many things going on and so many places to look that I felt like I had Attention Deficit Disorder. It was hard to focus on one thing at a time. Anyways, let’s look at some photos of the lobby area. Keep in mind, I’ve got LOTS of work to do to improve my underwater photography.

This is the main aquarium, the Living Coral Reef Aquarium.


There were a colorful variety of fish, coral, shrimp, crabs and snails.



Not only were the fish eye-catching, but the coral was pretty amazing as well.



I knew I wouldn’t be able to remember all the names of the fish, so I took photos of the signs indicating their names. I try to do that wherever I go – take photos of informational signs and then take photos of the animals or objects at the exhibit. It helps me to remember important facts and names.



If stand in the lobby and look up, you can see the stained glass roof several stories above in addition to elaborate wall decor and lighting. I really enjoyed the view.


Another aquarium in the lobby is the Seahorse(!!!) Aquarium (I added the exclamation marks because I am super excited by this aquarium.) Can you spot the seahorse in this photo?


I’m a huge fan of seahorses. I’ve also loved horses since I was tiny, and I think the resemblance of the seahorse to the land equine has fueled my fascination for the small sea dwellers.


Watching these dainty creatures is like watching an underwater ballet.


In my opinion, the grace of these creatures is incomparable.









I could have watched them all day. I really want to go back soon to photograph them even more.




The jellyfish were off exhibit when we went, so I also want to go back to see them. However, the Turtle of Virginia Fresh Water Aquarium was up and running.

I was hurried by these guys so I didn’t have much time to try and get good quality photos. But I’ll be back!

I believe this is a map turtle. I’ll go back and get better photos of the turtles and hopefully I can also get shots of the info sheets as well. I’d like to find out more about these guys.


These guys are red-eared sliders. We have them at the zoo too. haha that rhymes =) wow it must be late.


Well that’s it for Part 1 of my trip to the Science Museum of Western Virginia. Next up, photos from of the butterfly gardens, rooftop views and other critters at the museum! Coming soon!

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