I mentioned in a previous post that I was proud to be a part of the Roanoke Valley AAZK (American Association of Zoo Keepers) Chapter. I’m very excited to be part of this group whose members are so eager to try out new ideas to help improve our zoo. We recently held Zoobilee, a carnival event at the zoo where kids and adults alike could play carnival games and win tickets which they could then redeem for prizes. Games only cost 50ยข to play and all the proceeds went to the Snow Leopard Trust. We ended up raising over $1,000 for the Trust! Let’s get to some photos!

Who doesn’t love a bounce house? Thanks to Dave’s Moonwalks for donating use of this perfect bounce house for our event!


This is our front booth area where we sold game play tickets, handed out information about the zoo, our AAZK Chapter, and the Snow Leopard Trust, and sold Snow Leopard Trust merchandise.


We all loved the Snow Leopard Trust’s awesome merchandise, and several zoo staff bought items as well! (I did too!)



In addition to all the games we offered, we also had free scavenger hunts throughout the day, cotton candy, kettle corn, a silent auction and a bake sale.


We wanted to make sure that we had lots of general information about snow leopards in addition to the specific information about the Snow Leopard Trust, so we created a large info board with a variety of facts about the species and ways the Trust works to help these creatures.


We also had a spot donation snow leopard where visitors could buy a spot to go on our “naked” snow leopard and write their name on it to show their support of the Snow Leopard Trust.



This is our “Gone Fishing” game. Most games allowed players to win tickets that could be redeemed for prizes, but this game actually had its own prizes. The contestant would use a “fishing pole” and cast their line over the “water.” When they felt a tug on their line, they’d “reel in” their catch!


This is the kettle corn station – YUM! It made the zoo smell SO good all day long!


This is our Lollipop Mountain game. It was geared towards younger kids, but anyone could play. The contestant picks a sucker. If the sucker has a colored stick, the contestant wins prize tickets (a different amount depending on the color of the stick) and the sucker. Even if you don’t pick a colored stick, you still get to keep the sucker! Everyone is a winner every time with each of our games.


This was our Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Snow-Leopard game. It’s pretty self explanatory. =)


Oh – everyone loves the prize booth! I have to say, we had some really cool and really popular prizes this year!



This is our Snow Search game. Prizes were hidden in the “snow” and each player could dig around until they found one! Our event was winter themed to remind visitors of the snow leopard’s natural environment.


This table had a Spin-the-Wheel game, Guess How Many game, and Disk Drop game. We also had ring, bean bag, and ping-pong toss games at the carnival. I’m only posting photos without people in them so as not to invade anyone’s privacy.


I didn’t even get to buy anything from our bake sale! I was so bummed! Everything looked so delicious!!!

Bake Sale 2749


All in all, it was a wonderful day! We had a great turn out, the zoo had a large number of visitors, and we raised awareness and money for the Snow Leopard Trust and our Roanoke Valley AAZK Chapter!

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