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Hi all! This is my first REAL post of actual news and events going on in my life. WOOHOO! It’s a milestone! First, I want to thank my brother Dave for setting up my website for me. I think it’s coming along nicely and I am SO grateful to him. I would also like to thank all the people that made this dream possible…haha…just kidding, I digress. So this blog is going to be a place where I share my thoughts, opinions, and news of events and the like that are going on in and around my life. Two big subjects that are a main theme in my life are animals and art, so you will probably see lots of posts on those subjects. Although, you may have the occasional post where I just have to get something off my chest too, like a bad day at work or traffic issues. So don’t be surprised if you find me ranting some day. I’ll try not to do it often though. I want this to be a positive place. So feel free to roam around. Check out my artwork. Most of the art you see on this site will be available to purchase at some point, but although that process is still in the works, it is coming soon! There are lots of things to come so you may see some changes and some bugs being worked out, but we’ll eventually get everything completely straightened out. Thanks so much for your patience. Now, sadly, I must post my first bit of news, and alas it is tragic. Natasha, the female snow leopard at Mill Mt. Zoo (where I volunteer) has passed away. She died Wednesday 12/09/09. I loved Natasha. I had even started a Chapter of the Snow Leopard Trust here because I fell in love with our snow leopards. Boris, our male is still here, but he misses Tasha. So there it is, my first bit of news. Hopefully the news to come will be better news, but Natasha, you will be missed.

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