Going a little batty…

I have lots more Jack Hanna photos to post, but I wanted to share these first.

This is a bat.


He showed up at my work the week before last.


He was literally hanging out right outside the front door.


He stuck around for at least three days and we were glad to have him. Look at his little toes!


The weather has been cool, so I think he may have gone into a state of torpor, which is similar to hibernation, but it’s not exactly the same. I think he got cold, so he slowed down his metabolism until it could warm up a bit and he could get moving and finding food again. I haven’t seen him since he left, so I hope he is OK. Bats are great to have around because they eat lots of problem insects. My friend thought he was an Eastern Pipistrelle. I might try to build a couple bat houses and put them up in the woods behind our work to give these guys a nice place to hang out. I just think this guy is too cute, and I’m so glad we had him around for a while!


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