I wanted to Mention

I received an Honorable Mention at the Roanoke Valley SPCA’s Best in Show Art Show on Friday night! I’m very happy! I believe there were 311 entries in the competition, and all entries will be for sale on the RVSPCA’s Facebook page soon.

These are the two pieces that I entered in the competition.


This is my piece that received an Honorable Mention. It’s called “Lugosi in Color” and it’s a portrait of my cat Lugosi. The color is a little off in these photos. Sorry about that. The lighting at the event made it a little hard to take photos.


This is the panel with my paintings along with several others.


There are many talented artists who enter this competition. It’s great to see so many animal art pieces.


This is also a really popular event. Lots and lots of people attend, and I’m glad that it brings so many people together to celebrate the lives of animals. It’s pretty amazing!


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