Out of the Darkness

Barred Owl

Out of the Darkness

Portrait of a barred owl. I saw this barred owl in an exhibit at Duke University. There were four owls and three of the four had lost an eye. This owl had lost one of his eyes. I took some photos and referenced them for this portrait.

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2 Responses to Out of the Darkness

  1. Jason Parks says:

    I saw this owl today at the art show. It was nice to meet you and your fiance. This bird sure is cute for only having one eye. Great work!

    • Julie says:

      Thank you SO much! It was nice meeting you as well! I wasn’t sure what the turn out for the show would be since it was pretty chilly and even raining in the morning, but I was really happy. I met a lot of really nice and interesting people, which I think is always part of the fun at art shows! This owl is my fiance’s favorite piece too. I’m pretty critical of my work and don’t always like how things turn out, but I actually like how he turned out! Thanks for the comment!

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